Our Partners

New Orleans Equity Partners works with a team of professionals to further its mission of bringing funding and development opportunities together. Each partner works closely with New Orleans Equity Partners to take ideas to implementation.

Shelby P. LaSalle, Jr., LLC, Professional Project Services

Partnership with NOEP: Shelby P. LaSalle, Jr. has the expertise and networks in place to facilitate New Orleans Equity Partners projects from start to finish. His firm provides the following professional project services such as: site assessment and asset valuation, site selection opportunities, due diligence process, distress property redevelopment, governmental liaison and advocacy, project process streamlining and management and technical support and investment opportunities.

Paragon Business Capital

Partnership with NOEP: Paragon Business Capital has solutions for financing alternatives when business cash flow does not meet its operating needs. Paragon Business Capital specializes in Factoring for new entrepreneurs bidding on large contracts with state and local governments and large corporations that traditionally take 45 days or longer to pay invoices. Their asset-based Factoring program targets manufacturers, distributors, restaurants and retailers with at least three years operating history and needing $500,000 or more of capital. The Equipment Leasing Program pertains to custom financing packages that meet all the equipment leasing needs for machinery, vehicles, computer hardware and software, telephone systems and services, and equipment warranties. The Import/Export Factoring Program brings companies together to ensure that the financial aspect of an import or export financial transaction is smooth and seamless to the parties on both ends of the transaction.

Hesco Realty

Partnership with NOEP: HesCo Realty offers more than 15 years of experience in both residential and commercial real estate in the greater New Orleans area. New Orleans Equity Partners works with HesCo Realty to advise on residential and commercial real estate transactions. HesCo Realty offers ongoing consulting to its clients to establish price points, timelines, and strategy in changing real estate markets.

Fabulous Fêtes

Partnership with NOEP: Fabulous Fêtes is a full-service, special event management, non-profit consulting and marketing firm in New Orleans. Fabulous Fêtes collaborates with New Orleans Equity Partners to strategize public outreach campaigns to promptly disseminate information about their current and upcoming projects. Fabulous Fetes provides media outreach, website design and implementation, email marketing campaigns, client prospecting, to name a few.

Organize Dat

Partnership with NOEP: Organize Dat is a professional organization company who specializes in helping individuals decrease stress while increasing productivity and efficiency. Ms. Groetsch works with New Orleans Equity Partners on their real estate development projects as well as, assisting the partners with office managerial tasks.