Shelby has been a friend of mine for a long time and a business associate in different avenues over the past 10years. Shelby is a man that I describe to others as one that “connects the dots”. If one is putting together a project and ask his opinion, Shelby will know the answer or know who to go to for the proper inputs. Shelby is a solid business man as well as a great family man.
Larry Rase, Zen Noh Grain
Shelby LaSalle, Jr. has done many projects for my father and I personally for over forty years and his company has done projects for us for over fifty-five years. I look forward to many new projects we may do together in the future.
Fredrick Sigur, Jr.
Since the 1990s, Mr. LaSalle has been a valuable resource to the Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission. Over the years, his out of the box thinking has helped address several challenging construction situations. Most significantly, Shelby rode out both Hurricanes Katrina and more recently Isaac with us. Along with others, he was there immediately following these major storms to inspect the Causeway and facilitate storm repairs so the Bridge could be reopened for first responders returning to the metro New Orleans south shore.
Carlton Dufrechou, Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission
I have known Shelby personally and professionally since before my terms as Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana.  In his capacity as CEO of Krebs, LaSalle, Lemieux Consulting Engineering, he has been responsible for many sustainable and environmentally sensitive signature land development and public works projects in the Gulf South.  He and his partners are known community activist in our state.
James E. Fitzmorris, Jr., Former Lt. Governor of Louisiana, President and CEO - Fitzmorris & Associates, Inc.
Shelby LaSalle was very generous to donate Saints Suite tickets to raise money for the St. Bernard Chamber of Commerce. His generosity is very much appreciated by the Chamber.
Fredrick Sigur, Jr., Chairman, St. Bernard Chamber of Commerce
Woodstone Properties would like to thank New Orleans Equity Partners for always being a resource for building our investment team.
Evelyn Beard Greenwood, Real Estate Investor